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Sabanal,Kalamansig Arabica

Sabanal,Kalamansig Arabica

Kalamansig Arabica

Exclusively processed by Marivic Dubria at Dubria Farms

Grown in the fertile Sabanal Hills of Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat, our Kalamansig Arabica is a testament to the resilience and dedication of Marivic Dubria. Despite facing challenges such as earthquakes and the Covid-19 pandemic, Marivic's unwavering commitment to quality and community has resulted in the exceptional "Marivica."

Her journey from adversity to triumph and her dedication to training fellow farmers exemplifies the spirit of the Filipino coffee community. This natural process Arabica is cultivated at an altitude of 1200 MASL, ensuring optimal growing conditions.

Origin: Sultan Kudarat, Sabanal, Kalamansig
Species: Arabica
Process: Natural
Roast Profile: Full City (Medium)
Flavor Profile: Dark chocolate, roasted nuts, caramel
Altitude: 1200 MASL
Acidity: Low, for a smooth and sweet finish

Our 12 oz bags are specially designed with a one-way valve to maintain maximum freshness. Removing as much air as possible from the bag will extend your coffee's shelf-life and preserve flavor. Enjoy the rich and complex flavors of Kalamansig Arabica coffee, exclusively from Dubria Farms.

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