Why I Started Teofilo Coffee Company

Simple mission is to "Give Back To The Philippines"
3 Pillars that keep us focused on the mission:
Authenticity: Be yourself 
Uncomfortable Work: Get use to being comfortable, to prevent complacency.
Execution: Get it done, don't let it be an idea.
Believe it before you see it..

Starting up a Philippines specialty coffee company, and why i started it. My grandfather motivated me to be on this mission. So the big goal here is make people realize that Philippines is special coffee, why cant we be regarded like Guatemala, Brazil,Italy, Kenya, etc.etc in the late 1700 hundreds we were the biggest coffee producers. Now the way i see it this can help the Philippines economically because they will stimulate there coffee production and improve the coffee standards. It can also increase tourism for people to view coffees being processed in return helps the country. Teofilo Coffee Company is a family business with a brick and mortar in Los  Alamitos, CA in Orange County SoCal. It started back in 2017 with the farmers markets and catering events, up until Winter 2019. That was when I made the leap to open shop. COVID-19 hit March 2020, and the shop has yet to have a grand opening, however, almost a year later, the family has progressed and can confidently say they are better than they were when the pandemic first hit. Nonetheless, without the hard work and dedication from Philippine Coffee Board Inc and DTI Philippines, It is up to them and the coffee communities to help propel this Filipino Coffee movement!