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Professional Mercenary

Professional Mercenary

Yes, we use the WuTang name generator for our blends!

The Master blend of all of our Wu Tang blends

We make these blends because let's face it Filipinocoffee is rare we can source the other counties much easier and this is why we are here to create the supply chain for Filipinocoffee. 

Due to a very short steep time, espressos tend to have less caffeine, so we boost the adrenaline a bit by adding a higher caffeinated Robusta. 


Yes we blend 4 coffees from 4 different countries and 3 different specie Cavite excelsa+Guatemala Robusta+Chiapas Mexico Arabica+Costa Rica Arabica 

Best Roast: Full City (Medium Roast)
Flavor Notes: Smooth Nut + Chocolate + Cream + light Citrus

Mild Acidity for a smooth and sweet finish.

Our 12 oz bags are special ordered to sport a one-way valve to maintain maximum freshness! Removing as much air as possible from the bag will extend your coffee's shelf-life and preserve flavor.


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