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Lazy Ass Madman

Lazy Ass Madman

Yes, we use the WuTang name generator for our blends!

The Lazy Ass Madman is a smooth, nutty blend of Cavite, Amadeo, Excelsa species bean and an Indian Robusta, hot-air roasted to a Full City.

So far, this is our popular espresso blend, and the best part is this isn't burnt to a crisp!

Due to a very short steep time, espressos tend to have less caffeine, so we boost the adrenaline a bit by adding a higher caffeinated Robusta. 

Best Roast: Full City (Medium Roast)
Flavor Notes: Smooth Nut + Chocolate (not like Nutella)

Mild Acidity for a smooth and sweet finish.


Arabica vs Robusta info is from

Many people are unaware that there are two species of coffee in the world. Most of us are used to drinking and roasting Arabica, which is considered superior in taste and quality to its counterpart Robusta. But more and more, Robusta is starting to make its way into the coffee realm, primarily in instant coffees, espressos and lower quality ground blends. 

So what is the difference between the two species? For starters, Robusta has a higher caffeine concentration (Up to 80% more), a more intense and bitter taste, and what some call a "burnt" overtone. From a production standpoint, it is easier to grow, less susceptible to disease, can tolerate more heat, and as the name implies, is an extremely robust crop relative to the Arabica variety. Robusta thrives with more humidity and can't be produced at the higher elevations that Arabica can thrive in. Wild Robusta can grow as high as 30 feet, and is preferred by many farmers for its predictability and ease of growing. However, from a health standpoint Arabica beans have more antioxidants and lipid contents, making it the healthier option of the two varieties. 

Our 12 oz bags are special ordered to sport a one-way valve to maintain maximum freshness! Removing as much air as possible from the bag will extend your coffee's shelf-life and preserve flavor.


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