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Batangas Excelsa

Batangas Excelsa

Process: Natural + Hand Sorted
Our Favorite Roast: Full City
Flavors: Fruity, Tart, Woody


A Bold and Unique Brew from Batangas, PhilippinesDiscover the hidden gem of the coffee world with our Filipino-grown Excelsa beans. Representing a unique 7% of global coffee production, Excelsa is distinct from traditional Arabica, offering a smoother, rounder shape and a bold, complex flavor profile that stands out in any brew.


The Process:

Natural + Hand SortedOur Excelsa beans are meticulously processed using natural methods and hand-sorted to ensure only the finest quality reaches your cup. This dedication to craftsmanship highlights the rich heritage and passion of Filipino coffee farmers.


Our Favorite Roast:

We roast our Excelsa beans to a Full City profile, unlocking a symphony of flavors that include fruity, tart, and woody notes. This robust roast perfectly balances the bean’s inherent characteristics, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a bolder, more nuanced coffee experience.


Flavors: Fruity, Tart, Woody

Experience the vibrant taste of our Excelsa coffee. Each sip reveals a layered flavor journey—starting with a burst of fruity brightness, followed by a tantalizing tartness, and finishing with a deep, woody undertone. It’s a taste that lingers, inviting you to savor every moment.


Geography: Batangas, Philippines

Grown in the lush, volcanic soil of Batangas at altitudes of 800-900 MASL, our Excelsa beans thrive in an environment that nurtures their distinctive characteristics. This region, steeped in coffee tradition, contributes to the unique terroir that makes our Excelsa truly special.

A Coffee with Tradition

Excelsa has long been cherished in the Philippines, often identified with the local tradition of Barako coffee. This cultural heritage, deeply rooted in the geographical nuances of Batangas, adds an extra layer of richness to every cup.


Harvest 2023: A Celebration of Excellence

Our 2023 harvest exemplifies the peak of Excelsa’s potential. Handpicked and lovingly processed, these beans represent the best of Filipino coffee craftsmanship. Whether enjoyed as a cold brew—where its bold flavors truly shine—or as a hot cup, our Excelsa promises an exceptional coffee experience.

Teofilo Coffee Company:

Elevating Filipino Coffee Culture At Teofilo Coffee Company, we’re passionate about empowering Filipino coffee culture and bringing its unique flavors to the world. Our Excelsa coffee is a testament to this commitment, offering a taste of the Philippines in every sip. Explore the bold and vibrant flavors of Excelsa today and join us in celebrating the rich coffee heritage of the Philippines.



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