Ground Control
Drip for the day.
Typically a Wu-Tang Blend.

Manual process of brewing.
Single-Origin focused.

Cold Brew
Smooth Cold Brew.
Room Temperature Water + 24-hr steep.

Cold Brew infused with Nitrogen.
Natural crema minus the dairy.

Mount Milo
Filipino Mocha.
Milo Chocolate Powder + Batch Coffee

Sweeter, Creamier Coffee.
Nido Powder + Batch Coffee

‘Si Foam Coffee
Tart, Sweet, and Refreshing Coffee. Different.
Fresh Calamansi (Filipino Kumquat) + Heavy Whipping Cream.

Double Espresso
Smooth Espresso made with Lazy Ass Madman.

Ube / Pandan Latte
Espresso-based Latte with Ube / Pandan Condensed Milk. Subtle Sweet.

Whole / Oat Latte
Simple latte. Espresso + Milk

Refreshing Calamansi Tea.
Fresh Calamansi syrup + Jasmine Green Tea / Water (Non-Caffeinated)

Not Coffee

Sweet Milk
Your choice of milk with Milo Powder
and Ube or Pandan Condensed Milk.
Choco / Ube / Pandan

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