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Teofilo Coffee Company

Filipino Steamed Bun

Filipino Steamed Bun

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Weekdays 7:30am to 4:30pm | Weekends 7:30am to 4:30pm


Pork Siopao Asado Filling: Dive into the rich, savory flavors of Pork Siopao Asado, where tender pork shoulder is braised and stewed to perfection. This delectable filling is infused with hoisin and oyster sauces, creating a mouthwatering blend of sweet and salty notes. The succulent pork is then combined with a thick, red sauce enriched with aromatic five-spice and fragrant sesame oil, delivering a taste that’s both complex and deeply satisfying.


Chicken Siopao Asado Filling: Experience the delightful Chicken Siopao Asado, starting with a sizzle of vegetable oil, red onion, and garlic in the pan. As the aroma intensifies, succulent chopped chicken breast is added, absorbing the rich flavors of the sautéed ingredients. This delicious mixture forms the heart of a siopao that’s both hearty and comforting, making each bite a flavorful journey.For those craving authentic and irresistible siopao, these fillings offer a taste adventure that’s hard to resist.



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