Matamis Na Bao (9 oz Jar)

Matamis Na Bao (9 oz Jar)

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Baryo is a community and pop-up based out of Long Beach, CA. The heart of their purpose comes from the name itself, which means village in Tagalog. If you are also interpreting Baryo as neighborhood, then you are also reading this right if you know some Spanish!

We are happy to share with you Baryo’s Matamis na Bao. This is their all natural Coconut Jam sourced from local farms out in Long Beach. It is creamy smooth, and lightly sweetened. Enjoy it on a freshly toasted pan de sal, and compliment it with some Filipino Coffee--at Teofilo’s! 

** If you need a time slot other than what's listed (between Mon - Fri 7:30a to 1:30p) please "add a note" in the cart! These additional time slots are in beta lol..