Brekpasilog (Longanisa)
Teofilo Coffee Company

Brekpasilog (Longanisa)

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Brek-Pasilog is a two-egg omelet baked with colby cheese and chives! It is hugged by two toasted pandesal from TV featured Cupcakes & Co. What makes this even better is it's coined as our brekpas sandwits which means breakfast sandwich haha.


Choose any protein like longanisa, spam, or tocino. Look up "Filipino [protein] if you need glimpses of what these are all about lol.

Tongtong's version features all meats--longanisa, spam, and tocino and it is wrapped with applewood smoked bacon.


** If you need a time slot other than what's listed (between Mon - Fri 7:30a to 1:30p) please "add a note" in the cart! These additional time slots are in beta lol..