"Thinking Differently" with Ground Control

"Thinking Differently" with Ground Control

Ground Control is a company whose philosophy is about doing things differently. We use their extremely versatile, Ground Control Coffee Machine as the brewing possibilities are endless! Their coffee machine works in every which way one would geek about food science and wine tasting.
While we are not coffee people, we love sharing perspective and what's available for everyone by the simplicity of this new process in making coffee. There aren't too many coffee shops that have a Ground Control Coffee Brewer, and we are proud to share this experience with everyone within and in the surrounding cities of Los Alamitos, CA. 
Ron Dizon connects with the Keys to the Shop Podcast, which is the fam at Ground Control, to talk about our purpose in Filipino Coffee.
Below is a written piece by Keys to the Shop themselves:
Welcome to the first in a series of three episodes focused on “Thinking Differently” brought to you by Ground Control!
On today’s episode we are going to be talking with the owner of Teofilo Coffee Company, Ron Dizon. Teofilo started as a farmers market stand roasting and serving Filipino coffee. Having been born in the Phili[oiines and raised in the U.S. in a Filipino household, Ron turned the obsession of Filipino Coffee into a passion built to give back to the Philippines.
Over the years as Teofilo has grown, Ron has learned a lot about operating what is now his brick and mortar shop as well as his pop-ups and roasting operation.
In our discussion with Ron we get to hear about his journey in starting, growing, and running Teofilo and the extraordinary opportunities that have resulted from his relentless pursuit of doing hard things and thinking differently about coffee and business.
We cover:
  • Understanding Filipino coffee
  • Approaching business differently
  • Big ideas and small beginnings
  • Sourcing and opening up opportunities for Fillipino coffee
  • Evolution of quality control in roasting and brewing
  • Working with and supporting the community
  • Striving to be better and trying to fail
  • Inspiration from community


Be sure to check out the  bonus content only available on www.groundcontrol.coffee/kttsas we continue the conversation with Ron and hear some pretty amazing advice for operators and owners who also want to make a difference with their business!

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