Filipino Coffee Giveaway Kit

Simple, but Effective Coffee Brewing Tools

  1. Simple conical hand grinder, yes there are affordable options this one i got and still have and carry. when i purchased in the past these hand grinders were 20$ you can still find value hand grinders. But as long as they are conical you already in a right direction and now you actually care about not destroying your expensive specialty coffee.
  2. Coffee brewer, you have a lot to choose from but i will only recommend the most versatile coffee brewer, aeropress. Yes you wonder why because it does it all, single cup cold brew, espresso, multiplie cups of coffee, even prints money, and predicts the future, look if i was making this shit up they wouldnt have world aeropress championships Yes you can a-z pour over brand but they are only pour over by definition less extracted coffee. Aeropress is immersion style brew. Dont take my word for it, but i guarantee if you like coffee you would try this. If you are interested in classes or want to purchase the aeropress we carry both Original aeropress or the new Aeropressgo at our store 10525 Los Alamitos blvd, Los Alamitos, ca 90720. Or you can purchase on your website.
  3. Gooseneck kettle only reason why i say this is that i started with a kettle that just boiled to 212F, unfortunately in order not to completely destroy your specialty coffee you want to aim to either gold standard water temperatures 195F~205F, but you have other spectrums of temps, like Alan Alder uses a 175F on the Aeropress, which i would have to really recommend elevates coffee flavors. Not that you cant get away with using a kettle that goes to boiling temp you can always wait til it gets to desired temps. The pour precision slightly helps just depends on how much your care about your specialty coffee.
Nice to have: Scale, variable digital gooseneck kettle
Conclusion don't break the bank to get a coffee setup, you can get by with these options. If not you'll still get by if you dont listen to me.
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