Opening a shop during the pandemic.

Opening a shop during the pandemic.

The two things that were most important for us in opening up in March 2020 was doing your best to stay consistent and adapt with what you have.

COVID-19 has opened an avenue of different perspectives for everyone. With a year of going through phases of quarantine, we'd like to share our experience with you guys to give a better understanding of our mentalities during this time of the pandemic.

There's never time to sugar coat anything, so let's be honest. Opening a shop is not easy--let alone in the middle of a pandemic.

Financial projections are questionable as it hasn't been as easy.

The only thing we knew was this being a race of endurance.

 Questions you should be asking yourself is what is necessary or priorities necessary to keep our team safe and our community safe? Following guidelines in order to prevent anyone from getting affected.  

Now ill refrain from using the "P" word because my personal feeling which many of you will probably object to. And thats the beauty in the time we live in, we only see what we want to see. I did not see a "P___demic" I saw opportunity to improve other business models that I would have never tried. Thats how I see the world when everyone else see negative I see nothing but positivity. I can whole heartedly say without doubt I was glad that I was willing to go down swinging and at least fight instead letting it all get to me. It was not hard to change the mindset because humanity have survived worse. 

Society can look at this however they want but reality is that its the best thing that could've happened for us, because if we can survive this "p____dmic" we can survive anything. 

I want thank first my family who has completely supported the journey, the teofam members who absolutely kicked ass and made it fill less of a "p___demic" and more like a party. And all the new people who supported us and new friends I made along the journey I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you everyone who made it possible. Patience and consistency,  discipline. 


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