Indoor Lobby is Opening + Jeanelleats Cookie Crates!

At Teofilo's Popup! Teofilo Coffee Company

With your continuous support, we are humbled to share that we will now be opening our lobby to the public starting Friday 4/30/21. 

We’re speaking on the obvious, but remember that nothing has necessarily changed with what’s going on around us. That said, protocol is simple for hanging out inside:

  1. We’ll be taking temperatures.
  2. We’ll be making sure masks and social distancing are being respected for everyone and the fam. 

We’re excited to get familiar with everyone spending their time at this space, so don’t hesi to ask any thought provoking questions. 

In addition to the good news, there’s better news! On 4/30/21, we will also be hosting @Jeanelleats Cookie Crate Pickups!

Simple details/instructions below:

Order online here.

Instagram: @Jeanelleats

Thanks for sticking around with us!

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